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ATV Tire Chains with 2-Link spacing

Part Number ATVx-2
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Our Double Duty ATV tire chains provide twice as many cross chains as our regular duty product. This means that there is one cross chain every 2-links of the side chain, providing a superior grip in ice, snow and slippery conditions. Your ATV will be unstoppable with these chains!

These chains will also provide a smoother ride as there is more chain in contact with the road surface at any given time.  
These chains are sold in pairs, so enough to cover two wheels.  Generally speaking one set of chains should be sufficient unless you are getting into the really gnarly stuff. Then you may want  2 sets of tire chains.....
Since there are several different ATV manufacturers, each with their own tire specifications it is important to do a trial fit on your machine as soon as you receive your product.  Returns or exchanges can only be made within 14 days of shipment and must be in like new condition for any refund. 
If you are not able to find your tire size or you have any questions at all please email us at[email protected]

We may request your tire measurements such as tire height, width and rim size so please send these measurements to us.